Alaska Airlines along with Delta and United Airlines, banned almost 900 passengers as they refuse to wear masks

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Present pandemic situation after a significant spike, decreased a bit because of continuous awareness programs. Self-awareness has also participated equally to stabilize the situation. However, this is the crucial time to handle the situation. With a little ignorance, conditions may worsen. In order to deal with corona pandemic, most of the airlines have imposed some strict rules and guidelines for passengers. Wearing mask compulsory during journey with Delta, United and Alaska Airlines is one of such requirements.

When most of the passengers obey guidelines properly, there are few passengers who refuse to wear mask and being stopped from boarding the fleet during journey and are making headlines. As a result, the list of such passengers who are banned by different airlines for not wearing masks, is increasing day by day and is reached to a surprising number of 900 including Alaskasworld. Alone in Delta Airlines around 460 passengers are banned for refusing to put on their mask as per the recent comment of its CEO, Ed Bastian.

Furthermore, in a recent mail from Alaska Airlines and United Airlines, they have also banned 146 and 300 passengers respectively. All in all, even after many government as well as public campaigns, approximately 906 passengers are banned within US for not wearing a mask. Hence, as long as this compulsory mask wearing policy will be in force, such passengers won’t allow to travel through Alaskasworld Airlines as per a statement from the airline giant. Not only these three airlines, there are others also who banned such passengers, however they have not shared the figures, JetBlue is one of such airlines. In addition, American and Southwest airlines have also commented that, they will also not public the number of banned passengers.

So, for the safety of passengers and their own crew members, most of the airlines have made face covering policies as per the CDC’s guidelines. In this movement, majority of the travelers respond with positive attitude and support to defeat corona pandemic. As with time and major news headlines, now everyone is getting aware that, they may not be allowed to travel if they refuse to wear mask. And hence, positive results are coming. However, as we all know, five fingers can never be same and hence people.

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