What to expect from Alaska Airlines and Oneworld alliance?

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According to the recent reports, Oneworld is going to make an alliance with Alaska Airlines, under the 2021 expansion plan in North America. After final execution of this proposed alliance, Oneworld will be having total of 14 airlines under its umbrella. So, passengers will be having more flight options to reach to their destinations within US and beyond. However, the concern is, the founder of American Airlines already has decent network within US, then what aspects of Alaska Airline will benefit to this association. In terms of number of passengers, travelling distance, number of fleet operated etc.

Importantly, after sharing the common commercial interest in the same country by both giants, Alaska Airlines and American Airlines will become top reputed airlines joining together under an umbrella of Oneworld. Furthermore, this alliance will be seen as just joining not as merger or takeover by Oneworld. Alaskasworld will carry their own rights, which is one of the distinct difference from other alliance. Both, Alaska Airlines and American Airlines are having their own strong territory. Earlier West Coast alliance was already successful between two airline giants.

The main objective to this alliance is that, American Airlines will be operating on international destination such as Bengaluru (India) and Heathrow (London). Whereas, Alaska Airlines will be operating in US as a connecting flights. This will be strengthening the local as well as international aviation market for Oneworld. In addition, the passengers will have option to use the airport lounges of both the airlines. This will not only ease the access of lounge, but also will enhance the service in a major hub like Los Angeles (LA). So now, Oneworld would be having one of the strong networks in West Coast. Also, Alaskasworld previous alliance with Virgin America, will further enhance the strong presence of Oneworld in West Coast.

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